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COVID-19 has brought unprecedented changes in the way we work and interact. For many of us, it means having to adapt to these drastic changes.

At the same time, we have also witnessed our strength, with many standing together united in times of hardship to overcome whatever challenges the past few months have presented. At Arcc Spaces, we see the need to be part of this union to help you prepare and overcome what lies ahead from here. Jump to:

Workplace Precautionary


The well-being of our tenants and employees is paramount. By structuring effective workplace precautionary measures, we can all achieve a safe working environment. Here are the precautionary measures we have implemented across all centres.

Workplace Hygiene

Strict Safe Distancing Measures

We have implemented a strict schedule for frequent scrub downs and sanitization of all workspaces and shared surfaces including elevator buttons, door handles and more.

We have implemented measures to ensure that members are actively practising safe-distancing procedures in accordance with WHO and local government guidelines.

Hand-sanitizers are easily available throughout our centres and this includes the reception area, elevators, shared areas and more.

Our community managers have been briefed to ensure all members cooperate with these guidelines.

All our community managers have been trained to follow strict interaction guidelines and will wear masks at all times.

Health Declaration & Temperature Taking

Community Events

In accordance with local government guidelines, we have implemented strict building entrance guidelines. A declaration and temperature taking will be performed prior to every entry to enforce our measures.

For the safety of our community, all events have been suspended till further notice.

We will continue our efforts in engaging our community through online content and webinars. Find out more here.

There will be no access to anyone who has:

  • Travelled out of the country.
  • Recently shown symptoms.
  • Has a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees. 

If you have already allocated resources for your own workplace precautionary measures but still require a comprehensive guide, feel free to click the button to download our cheat sheet on how to get your workplace fully prepared for reopening.

Plans & Promotions

Having precautionary measures in place is only the tip of the iceberg. Companies looking to resume their businesses will also be looking at sources of financial reliefs without sacrificing business performance as much as possible. This is why we have comprehensive business recovery plans and promotions to support your return to business further.

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With the drastic changes everyone around the world has been experiencing at work and in our lives ever since COVID-19, it is now more important than ever to equip ourselves with the skillsets and insights that will help businesses gain an edge over competitors.

Be a part of the Arcc Spaces community and have access to a wide array of valuable online content and events that will help you and your business achieve new successes as we enter the new normal. Here are some online events that are happening this month:

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